How does it work for stallholders?

  1. We only accept the best of the best stallholders to ensure our customers get highest quality products. If you feel your products are suitable, please apply.

  2. There is no joining fee, only a small percentage charged from your share of the sale.  Difficult items may have a slightly higher rate to help cover costs of transport.  We feel a percentage system is fairest for everyone, and works out to be cheaper than most market and event stall site fees.

  3. Customer requests will be advised on the day before pick up. All products displayed must be available at time of pick up – customers are relying on you!

  4. Pickups are made at the market (as arranged) please ensure products are already sorted and ready to be collected.

  5. Deliveries are made Saturdays.
  6. You’ll be paid 7 days after items are delivered to customers if we have received your invoice.

  7. We do not accept refunds of change of mind purchases.  If a refund is requested due to fault in manufacturing etc, it will be the stallholder’s responsibility to replace goods or refund the purchase price. If Deliver.Market has caused breakage, Deliver.Market will pay for a replacement waiving the percentage fee.




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What happens after I have registered?

Deliver.Market team will go through each application and ensure all requirements are met (usually within 48hrs).  Either way, we will be in touch to let you know so you aren’t just left wondering what happens.

On successful application, you will be added to as a vendor where you will be able to track orders and manage your products.  As the website has just launched, the Deliver.Market team will be manually adding products to ensure proper listings.  You will receive an email requesting information for your products.  In order for your listing to be visible, we require quality photos of your products, variations and their pricing as well as a description.  Some vendors can simply forward on their website if everything we need can be taken from there.

If you have not received a response from us within 48 hours, please contact us to ensure your application did not get lost.

Thanks again for your interest, we look forward to building a great market family with you.

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